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Episode 1 Episode 1: Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Vibrations
The Yoga Action Squad, an elite team of yogis and yoginis from Santa Monica, spring into action to stop the very negative Dr. Bad Vibes and his overpaid bitchy assistant, Lethargo.
Episode 2 Episode 2: Lacivio
When Mantra takes a new vinyassa flow class - it turns out to be a vinyassa BRO class, and Johnny Lotus and Crystal fly to her rescue.
Episode 3 Episode 3: Pila-tease
When Johnny Lotus goes deep undercover to see what Pila-tease is up to, he gets a smoothie with a secret ingredient way more sinister than protein or a femme-boost. Mantra and Crystal come to his rescue ... but are they too late?
Episode 4 Coming Soon.